Thoughts after my first International trip

Cost of the trip:  INR 35000 (Within the set budget)

Pictures taken: About 1000

Route taken: Negombo –> Colombo –> Kandy –> Nuwara Eliya –> Ella –> Yala –> Adam’s peak –> Kandy –> Mirissa –> Unawatuna –> Galle –> Colombo

Memories: Infinite

When I came back from the trip, all my issues were right where I had left them. Nothing really changed. I still had to deal with them but I guess the trip made me comfortable about the fact that I can let go. It’s in everyone including me to see the amazing things that life has to offer and not sulk over the lost opportunities. I’ve not turned into the happiest person alive but I certainly am happier than I was before the trip.

I did not ‘discover’ myself, did not find the love of my life (No DDLJ moments), did not find my calling, did not do a lot of things that I had thought I would do on this trip but of all the crazy things I’ve done in life, taking a flight to Colombo without any idea of what to do next would be my favorite one.


7 thoughts on “Thoughts after my first International trip

  1. Hey Manisha,

    I was looking for some info but ended up reading the whole journal. I like your honest writing and hope that you will find happiness. Take care! 🙂

    Fathiyah, Malaysia


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