Elephanta Caves

I hadn’t really gone exploring anyplace after my Sri Lanka trip which made me realise that something is wrong with me. So I decided to visit this place that I had been wanting to since a couple of months.

It made sense to me as it was not going to be expensive, I could get my peace time during the one-hour ferry ride, and it was not going to leave me exhausted at the end of the day.

The trip ended earlier than I had expected. The return ferry ticket that you buy at the jetty only works till 1730 hrs. That left me with little time to sit and just soak in the place like I usually do.

Cost: Less than Rs. 300 (excluding food)

How to Reach: There are many ferries leaving from Gateway of India. Round ticket costs Rs. 180 and can be used till 1730 hrs of that same day. Upon reaching the island, it’s a walk of about a km and then a couple of stairs to finally reach the top where the caves are built.

It was sparkling inside as well as outside
And we set sail
Asked a random person to click
Seagulls made the journey even more beautiful


Enter a caption
Meet the stubborn cow
The walk was less than a kilometer. This toy train did not make much sense to me.
At my favourite thing – Wandering


Something stopped me from venturing inside apart from the fact that I was really running short of time


That’s the walk that we take to reach the base and then there are many steps to reach caves
Almost there
Indian Navy practising band performance to be performed for the Prime Minister the next day



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