Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2016

The much talked about event was here and there was no doubt in my mind that I had to visit the place. Unfortunately, I ended up choosing a very wrong time – Last day of festival, Sunday, and Valentine’s day.

This is how I had imagined being part of the festival – Walking around appreciating the art installations, reading the artist’s description of the art, sipping tea somewhere, sitting around a corner soaking in the sun and the art.

This is how it actually went – figure out the end of queue (which did seem like it was going up to the sun), crawl to get an entry into the place, crawl further to reach any place close to an installation to be able to see what’s there, Clicking picture with the installation was a lot of expectations, there was obviously no place to sit, there was barely enough place to walk.

I left much earlier than I had thought I would. It also made me question if making the entry free of cost at such events is a good idea.

Made of teabags


To give an idea of the crowd
The golden peacock


That’s Gandhi. I guess I was looking from a wrong angle


The quintessential ‘Bollywood’





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