The ‘Happy’ side of Hampi

I really wanted to go to a sunrise point but I couldn’t find any company and I wasn’t sure if it’s safe to go on my own.Additionally, I didn’t want to bear the entire cost of an autorickshaw. So, I changed my plans and headed to the other side of the river instead. It’s like seeing Hampi from an entirely different lens. The other side has rice fields and there are not very many temples.



I was headed for the monkey temple. I hitched a ride to reach there and started my climb of about 500 steps under the scorching sun. The number might sound huge to a few but it’s really not much. I had just started to get tired when I realized, I’ve reached the temple and I haven’t been exercising in the last couple of months.

Begin of the climb


I like to call it my ‘little Greece’

I started my descend and headed for the Vitthala temple which is on the other side of the river (The side where I was staying). I hardly saw any soul walking and trying to figure out their way and I assumed it was because of the strong sun.

Exhausted souls on the way

I continued anyway. Upon reaching temple I saw many other people who had taken the alternate route and came by a vehicle instead. I sat there for some time trying to absorb that I was actually seeing the stone car in real. The image that always popped up when I googled ‘Hampi’.

Stone Car

While returning I befriended this amazing group from Germany. They seemed occupied among themselves but once we started talking I realized they were actually very open to a conversation.

Very interesting tree we saw on the way

As I had nothing planned for later that day, I went to the other side of the river with them and later we saw the sunset together. Something that I wanted to see anyway. I was glad they joined me. Isn’t it beautiful how a plain ‘Hey’ can lead to so many things? All it takes is a smile and a ‘Hello’.

The beautiful sunset

I came back to my side of the river and while walking around came across a guy I had met on the day I had arrived in Hampi. He was accompanied by a lady who told me how very safe it is to go to the sunrise point by myself. It was a walk from my guesthouse and a little hike (There are many popular sunrise points, this was one of them). I realized hadn’t I done the same in Sri Lanka, headed for a night trek without any clue of what was in store ahead. What was stopping me now?

The most amazing Cheese Parantha ever @ ‘Mango Tree’
Closed my day with an interview and a lovely Spanish song!

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