Brazil Visa for Indians

Brazil Visa was the first Visa that I was trying to get for my South America trip. I was anxious. I had all the documents ready. My only concern was my employment status which was going to be ‘unemployed’ while traveling. Also, I had no other Visa on my passport except Sri Lanka to make my case stronger. 

Brazil on the Map

Apart from me, there were all third party agents at the embassy with multiple forms and still my turn at the window took the longest. The lady at the counter went inside to speak to the Consular I guess then came back and asked me a couple of questions like ‘Are you looking for a job in Brazil’, ‘Do you know anyone there’, ‘Why Brazil/ South America’, ‘Can you speak Portuguese’, etc. 

Reaching the Brazil embassy from Churchgate station

I was very calm and told her in total honestly that I just want to travel the southern part of the continent for 3 months. She accepted the documents and told me I might be called for an interview which I was absolutely okay with as I was going to be in Mumbai during that time.

I was not called for an interview. After 5 business days when I went to collect my passport I had my first Visa in place. 90 days multiple entry. This was the moment I could see my trip taking shape.

Things you have to do to travel!


Cost: Rs 6400 (in the form of Demand draft payable in favour of “Consulate General of Brazil”)

Processing Time: 5 working days

Embassy: Mumbai

Visa Requested: 30 days

Visa Issued: 90 days multiple entry (this is the standard tourist Visa)

Validity: One year from the date of Issue

Online form:

Brazil Visa Requirements:

  1. Print of online form
  2. Passport
  3. Round ticket
  4. Hotel bookings (Reservation from will do. I showed my stay only for 10 days in the beginning of the trip and 10 days towards the end of 3 months)
  5. DD of Rs. 6400/-
  6. Attested bank statements from last 6 months (I showed around Rs. 1.7 lakhs in my bank account)
  7. Covering letter to convey intent of the travel

Brazil Visa in Bogota, Colombia:

I had to apply for a new Visa as the first one expired after 90 days and I was returning to Brazil after about 11 months of first entering the country.

Process was the same in Colombia. Fill the online form, hard copy of all these documents only difference was bank statements didn’t need attestation.

It took 10 working days but the people were really nice. They accepted my form and asked no questions. I went to explain my application because I was worried it would get rejected owing to low funds.

Also, I was applying on my new passport as between my first and second entry, I was mugged and had lost my passport. So, my old Visa was no use.

Note: There are two machines available at the embassy to fill the online form and take a print there itself

Brazil Visa in La Paz, Bolivia

Now, I don’t have a habit of going to every embassy in each country. I was there because earlier my plan was to return to Brazil from Peru and then head to India.

Brazil Visa in La Paz, Bolivia, takes only two working days.

  • Working Hours: 0900 hours to 1500 hours , Monday to Friday
  • Website to fill the online form:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 591-2216-6400

Other Documents needed:

  • Valid Passport: Validity of at least 6 more months
  • One photo: 4*4 cm/ 480*640 pixels, white background
  • Return ticket from Brazil
  • Evidence of means to finance the stay in Brazil: Credit card/bank statements of last 3 months
  • Yellow fever vaccination (Recommended)

Visa Fee:

  • Angola : $180
  • Algeria: $80
  • Australia: $120
  • Canada: $80
  • North Korea: $80
  • UAE: $80
  • Japan: $80
  • Nigeria: $80
  • USA: $160
  • Other Nationals: $80

*UAE Nationals have to pay an additional processing fee for the Visa

Other Remarks:

The most difficult part here was filling the online form as the total size of documents couldn’t exceed 2 MB and with all the bank statements it was very difficult. I was really concerned they would not accept my blurred version of the passport I attached on my online form. Eventually, none of it created a problem. But, be ready with your lightest version of documents while filling the online form.

What has been your first Visa experience like?


19 thoughts on “Brazil Visa for Indians

  1. Superb again ..Lovely documentation. So here my revelation is to know visa is valid for 1 year from date of issue and then valid for 3 months from date of entry and allow multiple entry. This solve my problems. Horriblly costly though like Chile. It was much cheaper last year.

    I wanted to see all visas scan in email to understand these flexibilities. Didn’t find it Argentina article.

    Also when you post visa scan please blur the sensitive details like visa number..Passport number..DOB if any.

    How you understand if you need to appear in Mumbai or Delhi?

    Have u uploaded Peru and chile ?


    1. That’s correct. It’s still cheaper than Colombia! I recently lost my camera able so haven’t been able to copy pictures and my phone has a really really bad camera. I would send a person email with the scans though.
      The embassy is decided based on your residence. I was told that even if I applied for Argentina Visa in Delhi they would ask me to apply in Mumbai. This is when I was trying to get an earlier date for interview.


  2. Well Manisha I envy you that you got your Brazilian tourist visa approved in five working days! My story is a little different.
    I’m going for a business trip to South America and I leave on 3rd August 2018. It’s a three country trip. I’ve managed Chile and Argentina visas where I go first. I applied for the Brazilian visa on 17th July. All documents are in order. Their website says it takes 5-7 working days to process the visa. So I should get it atleast by 27th July right. Wrong! The tentative collection date of the passport from the Brazilian Consulate in Mumbai is given as 2nd August. That is a few hours before my departure from Bangalore. Now how will I get my passport from Mumbai to Bangalore in few hours. The agent says he’ll send it by Air Cargo. It’s really giving me some sleepless nights.
    I’ve written to the consulate and also made my Brazilian host write to them in Portuguese requesting to expedite the visa processing and give it to me by 27th July. Consulate has not responded so far. When I call them, the lady just says that it can be given only on the tentative collection date. Even the receipt says that if the visa is approved before the tentative collection date, the passport can be collected only on the collection date provided on the receipt. Talk of being unfriendly! The online status hasn’t moved from the status ‘Sent’ since submission. I’m honestly really scared. There was so much preparation and effort that has gone into this trip! I’m even going to get a Yellow Fever vaccination without any idea whether I’ll go or not. 😦
    We’re dealing with consulates of sovereign countries and I suppose they can do what they want. Have you guys got any idea what I can do?


    1. I’m sorry, you’ve found yourself in this tricky situation. Their online systems are fairly new so don’t rely on them. And, I haven’t had great luck with embassies replying to emails or phone calls either. I would recommend that you ask any friend or that agent to personally visit the Mumbai embassy to make a request. Embassies do make exceptions in such case. Brazil embassy wasn’t friendly, I remember. They wouldn’t let me collect my passport even 5 minutes before time, I had a train the same day and asked the cab to wait downstairs.
      Worst case scenario, find someone who’s traveling from Mumbai to Bangalore on 2nd (you can find someone on fb travel pages for sure), ask your agent to hand over the passport to this person, then you collect it personally at Bangalore airport.
      Do get your yellow fever vaccination done as soon as possible as the vaccinations per day are limited.


      1. Thanks for the reply.
        I called the consulate and asked to be connected to the Visa officer which was promptly done. I asked the officer if he could advance the processing. He asked how early I need it. Gives you hope, doesn’t it? I said if possible by Friday, 27th July. He said it cannot be done. I asked if he can give me on 30th or 31st or 1st? He says no chance even on those days. I said that I travel on the 3rd early morning and it’s difficult to get the passport to Bangalore on time. He says he ‘understands’ but he cannot process early. I asked if on the 2nd the passport can be collected earlier than the allotted time. He asks me to call on the 1st and check if it can be released earlier. As if he would! You said they won’t release it even five minutes before time. All I could do was to meekly surrender and say ok. We can’t argue with someone who has leverage over us. Such cold blooded and unsympathetic answers. Probably they’re trained to answer like this. fyi.. the guy had Indian accent.
        Later in the day my agent checks about the same at the consulate. He is warned that they’re getting regular calls from the ‘passenger’ (that’s me i guess) and threatened that it might lead to ‘different’ decisions. I had only called them once last week and once today. Last week’s call was only with the operator. That’s too many calls! So now all the options have been exhausted and I just wait till one hour before the check-in! 😦
        Meanwhile the good news is that I’ve got the yellow fever vaccination appointment. 😛 Can’t wait to get it done! 😀 😀 Atleast that will be out of the way.
        Many thanks for this platform to let me express my opinions. Hope it’ll help those applying for Brazil visa. Just don’t believe their website especially the Mumbai consulate’s and apply much early.
        Will keep you posted on how it finally unfolded!


        1. That’s a series of unsympathetic answers. I doubt they transferred your call to the ambassador.
          In my personal experience, I was always troubled by the Indians at the embassy to the extent of misguiding me (Peru Visa).
          They do have an upper hand of course. Also, some of the embassies don’t even entertain an application that’s within 15 days of scheduled departure.
          If it’s any consolation, Brazilians are some of the nicest people I have met on the road 🙂 You could join a random conversation and end up making friends with them.
          Good luck. I would be love to know how things went as well.


          1. Sorry to come back late on this. I’m writing this from Sao Paulo in Brazil. I have had a hectic last three weeks moving from Chile to Argentina to Brazil.
            To go back to my visa troubles, the Brazilian embassy released my Visa one day before. The travel desk in my office made a special plea and told them that it’ll be too difficult if the Visa is released on the day of the travel. So for once they relented.
            Did someone say on Independence Day that the worth of Indian passport has gone up? I can only laugh at that statement. There are very few countries where we can go without a visa. Not even a BRICS country gives us that privilege. Probably it’s got to do with how our embassies treat their applicants. It’s a two way street you know!
            Apart from that I must say that Brazil has been a fantastic country so far. The immigration official smiled to me upon sealing my passport. Stark contrast to grumpy and frowning faces in Chile and Argentina. Brazilians are very friendly and warm people too. A bit to loud and noisy maybe but it’s ok for us Indians. 🙂
            Tomorrow I travel back to India. A 14 hour flight from Sao Paulo to Dubai. Then a four hour flight to Bangalore. 🙂


            1. So glad to hear from you Arjun. Completely understand the hectic schedule of a full time job. Been there!
              Good on them for releasing it a day earlier, it seemed like a sad power play drama.
              Indian passport’s worth going up is a joke. The countries where we can go visa free are probably visa free for the world like Ecuador and most are so ridiculously expensive to even reach. Even Cuba that allows visa free access to about 150 countries, doesn’t let Indians without Visa. Felt like a criminal with my passport at the airport.
              I have heard different stories about Indian embassies though. A friend from Colombia travelled to India and had only good things to say about the Indian embassy in Colombia. My personal experience with Indian embassy in Peru and Colombia has also been great.
              I LOVE Brazil. That’s funny, I met really nice people at all Argentina border crossings. I miss being around Latinos. Such happy and friendly people most of them are.
              Have a good flight! Thanks again for all the updates.


  3. Both – Thanks for sharing your experience.
    Arjun – I guess, today, I am in a similar situation that you were in two months back. I went to the consulate on 5th Sept and ‘tentative collection date’ in form is mentioned as 18 Sept. I am checking the status regularly on Brazil Visa website and it hasn’t changed from ‘Sent’ till now. Can you tell me did your status changed from ‘Sent’ ever? Cause if it doesn’t change till 17th, should I go on 18th? Should I follow-up (call them) before that? And also. do you know in which case they can reject the application?

    Thanks in advance!!


    1. Nitish, I would recommend that you visit the embassy on 18th any which way. At times the status doesn’t update for some of the embassies.
      There are multiple reasons which can lead to Visa rejection but I believe the most common one when they don’t have enough evidence that the applicant would return to their home country.


    2. Hi Everyone,

      Many thanks for sharing your experiences about your visa applications.

      My name is Aditya and I applied for a tourist visa on 25th September 2018 at the Embassy of Brazil in New Delhi.
      I was issued a Brazilian Tourist visa last year on 21st September 2017 and my first date of entry in Brazil was on 6th October 2018.
      I intend to travel to Brazil once again in October sometime this year. So far, it has been 4 working days and the status of my application says “sent”. Does it mean that something is wrong with my application or have I done something wrong by applying before the first date of entry? I assumed that the validity of a visa determines the submission of a fresh visa application and not the date of entry. Does this apply in my case?


      1. Hey Aditya,

        I’m really confused with your query. Do you mean your first date of entry was 6th Oct 2017? because the Visa is valid for 1 year so your first Visa must have expired on 20th Sep 2018.


        1. Hi Manisha,
          Thank you for your response and sorry for the confusion.

          My first date of entry in Brazil was on 6th October 2017. The visa was issued to me on 21st September 2017.
          My question is that was I eligible to apply for a fresh visa after 21st September 2018 ? Or does the validity of this visa start from the date of first entry valid for one year ?
          So far the status of my application says “sent” on the website. So do you think it is under processing or are they going to process it after the beginning of my fresh 180 period i.e. 7th October 2018?


          1. you were eligible to apply for a new Visa after around 4th January as the Visa is valid for 90 days from the first date of entry.
            I applied for two Brazil Visas between Oct 2016 to Oct 2017 and entered Brazil for the first time in Nov 2016.
            I believe it is being processed. You could try calling them or sending an email as well to confirm.


            1. Hi Manisha,

              Thanks for your reply.
              I checked the status of my Visa today morning and it says “not approved”
              My application didn’t go “under review” and it just showed from “sent” to “not approved.”

              Does it mean my Visa has been rejected? If yes , then what could have been a possible cause. ?


              1. It looks like it is rejected this time but you could get in touch with them to confirm. When I had applied for Brazil Visa the online system had just begun, it was not being used as much.
                Did you give a cover letter with your application. The usual reason for rejection is when they believe applicant doesn’t have enough reasons to return.


                1. Hi Manisha,

                  Many thanks for your response.

                  I had attached all my documents along with a cover letter to the visa consular. I am currently not working. I have secured a conditional admission at Coventry University UK and had attached this letter along with my application form when I had applied for a visa. But the admission at Coventry was not confirmed, as I had to pay a deposit to secure my admission in that university. All these things were mentioned in my cover letter.
                  Another thing was that I showed around 1Lakh in my personal bank account and a copy of my father’s income statement stamped and signed by the bank manager which had around 5 Lakhs in it. My father even wrote a letter of sponsorship for my trip. I went to the embassy but the concerned person was not available due to some reason and they did not hand me my passport or cited any reasons for denial.
                  Do you think the money was enough ? Or was it because my admission in the UK was a conditional one?


                  1. I think the money was enough as I never had more than 80k in my account when I applied for Brazil Visa.
                    I can’t put a finger to what the cause could have been but I do believe that a simple application generally works better. Like you could have just given your bank statement and said ‘I wish to travel before I start university’. You had enough money to show as well. The intention should be clear both to you and the embassy.


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