Brazil Visa for Indians

Brazil Visa was the first Visa that I was trying to get for my South America trip. I was anxious. I had all the documents ready. My only concern was my employment status which was going to be ‘unemployed’ while traveling. Also, I had no other Visa on my passport except Sri Lanka to make my case stronger. 

Brazil on the Map

Apart from me, there were all third party agents at the embassy with multiple forms and still my turn at the window took the longest. The lady at the counter went inside to speak to the Consular I guess then came back and asked me a couple of questions like ‘Are you looking for a job in Brazil’, ‘Do you know anyone there’, ‘Why Brazil/ South America’, ‘Can you speak Portuguese’, etc. 

Reaching the Brazil embassy from Churchgate station

I was very calm and told her in total honestly that I just want to travel the southern part of the continent for 3 months. She accepted the documents and told me I might be called for an interview which I was absolutely okay with as I was going to be in Mumbai during that time.

I was not called for an interview. After 5 business days when I went to collect my passport I had my first Visa in place. 90 days multiple entry. This was the moment I could see my trip taking shape.

Things you have to do to travel!


Cost: Rs 6400 (in the form of Demand draft payable in favour of “Consulate General of Brazil”)

Processing Time: 5 working days

Embassy: Mumbai

Visa Requested: 30 days

Visa Issued: 90 days multiple entry (this is the standard tourist Visa)

Validity: One year from the date of Issue

Online form:

Brazil Visa Requirements:

  1. Print of online form
  2. Passport
  3. Round ticket
  4. Hotel bookings (Reservation from will do. I showed my stay only for 10 days in the beginning of the trip and 10 days towards the end of 3 months)
  5. DD of Rs. 6400/-
  6. Attested bank statements from last 6 months (I showed around Rs. 1.7 lakhs in my bank account)
  7. Covering letter to convey intent of the travel

Brazil Visa in Colombia:

I had to apply for a new Visa as the first one expired after 90 days and I was returning to Brazil after about 11 months of first entering the country.

Process was the same in Colombia. Fill the online form, hard copy of all these documents only difference was bank statements didn’t need attestation.

It took 10 working days but the people were really nice. They accepted my form and asked no questions. I went to explain my application because I was worried it would get rejected owing to low funds.

Also, I was applying on my new passport as between my first and second entry, I was mugged and had lost my passport. So, my old Visa was no use.

Note: Brazil Visa in La Paz, Bolivia, takes only two working days.

Other Remarks: The most difficult part here was filling the online form as the total size of documents couldn’t exceed 2 MB and with all the bank statements it was very difficult. I was really concerned they would not accept my blurred version of the passport I attached on my online form. Eventually, none of it created a problem. But, be ready with your lightest version of documents while filling the online form.

What has been your first Visa experience like?


3 thoughts on “Brazil Visa for Indians

  1. Superb again ..Lovely documentation. So here my revelation is to know visa is valid for 1 year from date of issue and then valid for 3 months from date of entry and allow multiple entry. This solve my problems. Horriblly costly though like Chile. It was much cheaper last year.

    I wanted to see all visas scan in email to understand these flexibilities. Didn’t find it Argentina article.

    Also when you post visa scan please blur the sensitive details like visa number..Passport number..DOB if any.

    How you understand if you need to appear in Mumbai or Delhi?

    Have u uploaded Peru and chile ?


    1. That’s correct. It’s still cheaper than Colombia! I recently lost my camera able so haven’t been able to copy pictures and my phone has a really really bad camera. I would send a person email with the scans though.
      The embassy is decided based on your residence. I was told that even if I applied for Argentina Visa in Delhi they would ask me to apply in Mumbai. This is when I was trying to get an earlier date for interview.


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