Iguazu Falls from Brazil and Argentina side

Iguacu was my next destination from Florianopolis. This mammoth of a waterfall is shared between Brazil and Argentina and people often debate which side is prettier. It is no surprise that this place is one of the natural wonders of the world.

Brazil Side:

I reached Foz do Iguacu around midday and left to see the waterfall the same day after finding a hostel.

From the park entrance, there are buses leaving every few minutes (This is free service) to the falls. It’s a pretty simple route.

Bus to the falls inside the National Park

You can hop on one of these buses once you’re done soaking in the beauty of the falls. I stayed for about 4 hours inside the park without rushing in anywhere.

First view of the falls
It was just as scary from the walkover bridge as well


  • How to Reach: 
    • City buses go till the park entrance
  • Costs: 
    • Bus to the park: 3.5 Reals (Paid in cash)
    • Park entrance fee: 64 Reals (The good thing here they accept card payment)
  • Suggestions:
    • Pack food and water as expectedly everything is expensive around the fall.
The fall is magic no matter where you look from


Argentina Side:


I had made up my mind to skip the Argentina side as I was pretty happy to see falls from the Brazil side and did not want to spend more money in seeing the falls from the other side. But then I met someone who absolutely sold it to me and then I had to plan my trip to see the falls from Argentina side. I don’t regret the decision one bit.

Argentina side has a lot to offer. There are three circuits that you can take. Multiple small falls to see and then a gazillion rainbows. It all makes for a perfect day spent in the park.

A nice overview of the falls

There is an ATM machine outside the park but it was out of cash when we reached there and I presume it’s a regular scenario with so many people coming in every day.

Almost every taxi driver would convert the currency though from Reals to Peso or Dollars to Peso.

Train ride for part of the Orange trail
Devil’s throat
Double rainbow
The boat is coming from right under the fall
  • How to reach:
    • From Foz do Iguazu there are buses going until Brazil border.
    • After the immigrations, we took a taxi to the park entrance which costs USD7 per person. Apparently, bus costs the same.
  • Costs:
    • Bus to Argentina Border: 4 Reals
    • Cab to falls: USD 7 per person
    • Park entrance: 330 Pesos (To be paid only in cash).
    • Return cab to Argentina border: 65 Pesos
    • Bus in Brazil to Hostel: 4 Reals
  • Additional Activity:
    • There are boats that one can take and it goes right under the falls. It was pretty scary to watch but I would have loved to it had I been traveling with more money. It costs around USD 60
    • There is a point near the border from where you can see Brazil and Paraguay. It makes for a good view as you also see the difference in color of river there.
That’s Paraguay on the left and Brazil on the right. The picture is clicked from Argentina.



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