Argentina Visa for Indians

Argentina Visa was slightly tricky and I hugely underestimated the efforts it would take to get this one. I presume it’s because Argentina visa for Indians is free of cost. We all love free things, don’t we?

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My recommendation here would be if you’re planning a south America trip start with getting Visa for Argentina. As you don’t have to submit your passport until you get your interview date with the consular. If it’s too far in the future you can meanwhile apply for another countries’ Visa.

I went to the embassy 3 days in a row. The only good thing was they gave me a consular interview date the very next day as there was a cancellation. This was really important for me. I could not have gotten my 4 Visas without this help.

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Directions to the embassy from Churchgate station


Cost: Free of Charge

Processing time: 5 working days after the consular Interview. Consular interview date is subject to availability of slots (Could be two months away as well)

Embassy: Mumbai

Visa Requested: 30 days

Visa Issued: 90 days multiple entry (this is the standard tourist Visa)

Validity: 90 days from the date of Issue

Online form:

Argentina Visa Requirements:

  1. Print of online form (Has to be one sided print)
  2. Passport
  3. Round ticket (I submitted my return ticket from Brazil)
  4. Hotel bookings (Reservation from will do. I showed 30 days in just one city and nobody questioned me on that)
  5. Attested bank statements from last 6 months (I showed around Rs. 2 lakhs in my bank account but was still questioned a lot around funding my trip)
  6. Covering letter to convey intent of the travel (In Spanish)
  7. Income Tax returns from last 3 years
  8. An international credit card
  9. Travel Insurance for the entire duration (This is not mentioned on the website but they list this as a mandatory document)
  10. Relieving letter from my last Company

Consular Interview Experience:

He was mostly concerned how am I going to fund my trip and if I have anyone back home who would be able to help me when needed. He didn’t speak any English but there was a translator there so language was not a problem. But, he was extremely skeptical of everything.

I was again asked questions around ‘Why South America and Why Argentina’.

I got my Visa after 5 working days of that interview. 90 days multiple entry. I still smile when I think of it.

My precious!

Note: A friend of mine applied for Argentina Visa while traveling in Mexico and got it. Although, he had to show a lot of documents in original but the point is it’s possible. While makes long term travel in Latin America much easier.

Do you have an experience with getting Argentina Visa? Or any other interesting Visa experience you’d like to share?


8 thoughts on “Argentina Visa for Indians

  1. Superb documentation. I know this is the hardest. By the way do they need the translation by any consulate accredited translator? Even 2 lakh in bank keep them skeptical…Funny guys

    How you got 3 years income tax return? Is this IT return or Form 16 ? IT return is online now. Do they need the acknowledgement just?

    Which insurance company u used?

    What any intl credit card? Do they need photocopy of credit card of both side? Or credit card statement?

    So once you submit all these catch is interview date which no one knows when..Correct? So better to get submitted by agent and wait for interview call?

    How you understand if u should appear in Delhi or Mumbai?


    1. Thank you for the encouraging words again. No, just plain spanish would do. I read some people even get it from google translator but I would definitely not recommend it.
      I really wanted to tell this to their faces that ‘2 lakhs is more than enough for a month in Argentina’. I just applied for it online and gave them acknowledgement slip.
      I used ICICI Insurance. But I later got to know what if you take their multicurrency card, you get free cover anyway. Every ICICI bank I went to were absolutely clueless about this card and Insurance.
      Funnily, they do need print of both sides. No statements are required. I gave a copy of brand new travel card. An international debit card would also do.
      That’s true. It’s a major variable here. I personally wanted to experience all this so went by myself.
      Embassy is decided based on your place of residence.

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      1. Thanks again 🙂

        Have you checked with them first on which consulate to travel?

        Also what about IT return? Can we still get it after it became online?


    1. Hey Jeet,

      Yes, it is mandatory to have the cover letter in Spanish however it’s not required to be notarized. I applied for the Visa in Nov 2016 though. I’m not sure if things have changed now.


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