Buenos Aires – City that oozes love

I’m not much of a city person but Buenos Aires is my exception to this preference. Although my first impression of the city was pretty average. The metro reminded me of my time in Mumbai and that’s not what you seek when you travel, do you?

Train station on a crowded day

But it doesn’t take very long for the people and place to win you over. I loved everything about the place. Everyone is so warm and happy it’s impossible to not feel the good vibes.

How can you not smile to this pleasant surprise on the streets

My liking towards the place also has to do with the fact that I stayed with some amazing friends there. Friends that I had made on the road while traveling in India. They suggested me all the places I could visit and when they had the time they took me to the nicest parties.

A bunch of happy people

Things to do:

La Boca:

I absolutely loved this place in spite of it being the most touristic place in Buenos Aires. It’s colorful, there’s tango playing everywhere, the art looks like it’s all made by Phoebe (from ‘FRIENDS’).

The Art and colors
I stood there watching the dance for a good long time

La Recoleta Cemetery

If you’ve been to the ‘park street cemetery’ in Kolkata, India this place may not surprise you much. But it’s a good visit nevertheless. I always find it amusing to see cemeteries bigger than some of the houses in Mumbai.

Things that people do for loved ones

Walk around Palermo and San Telmo neighborhoods

Buenos Aires is a massive city and it’s not uncommon to find places that are absolutely different from each other there.

San Telmo and Palermo are nice neighborhoods to walk around in just to appreciate the architecture, history, and good food.


Visit a museum

I’m not much of a museum person especially when they’re paid. “Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes” has some great art collection though. I was glued inside for hours. Also, it’s centrally located and is free of cost to enter.

Go to a music concert

Most of the people (Actually, all the people) I met there were passionate about two things – Politics and Music. I did not particularly enjoy the electronic music being played at the club I visited one evening. My friends refused to let me go back with that memory so they took me to this band performance – La bomba del tiempo (Costs 130 Pesos for a general ticket). I loved every second of it.

La bomba del tiempo

Moving around:

The size of the city is not a hindrance in moving around owing to its brilliant Subte  (Subway) connectivity and bus network.

You can know so much about a city from the street art




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