Chile Visa for Indians

Chile Visa would have been one of the easiest Visas to get, had demonetization been announced a week later in India. Chile Visa for Indian citizens is pretty straight forward if applied from India but I’m not sure what is the scenario from third country.Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 8.40.24 PM.jpg

  • Website:
  • Cost:
    • US $50 – Single Entry
    • US $81 – Multiple Entry (If you’re planning a road trip or intend to travel to Argentina as well then please choose Multiple entry)
  • Processing time: Once the payment is made the Passport is stamped the same day but they mention two working days (So, keep some buffer time). Total turnaround time was 12 days (Would have been way lesser if I was staying in New Delhi)
  • Embassy: New Delhi
  • Email Id:
  • Visa Requested: 30 days, Multiple Entry
  • Visa Issued: 60 days multiple entry
  • Validity: 60 days from the date of arrival but to be used within 90 days of Issue
  • Online form:
  • Documents:  They don’t accept any hard copy of documents. All the documents are to be uploaded on the online form.

Entire Experience from Online form filling to Getting the passport stamped:

I filled the online form which was slightly troublesome because the page wouldn’t work on my laptop. I eventually used my friend’s laptop (With a different Operating System) to fill the form. Try every browser and a different OS if you’re facing any problem.

Once I had successfully filled the form, I kept checking the status. To my surprise, I got an email with an interview date 4 working days after submitting the form. I had not read anywhere about an interview in the picture. Also, the date given to me was very close to flight date (I was flying on the 20th Nov, the interview date was 18th Nov) and their embassy is in New Delhi which is not so close from Mumbai (my residence city then). I requested them to reschedule my interview date and also informed them that I had all my other Visas in place. Please attach all the Visas to your online application that you think can make your case stronger.

They replied within a day that the interview has been canceled as I have all other visas. The status was soon changed to ‘Payable’. Now I didn’t know what this meant. I wrote to them multiple times for an explanation but no response. Their phone always ends in voicemail which never gets answered. I eventually booked my tickets for Delhi when I couldn’t wait any longer.

They were really helpful at the embassy though. One of the best embassy experiences I had in India. I was asked to come with Demand Draft of required amount by next day morning. And my passport was stamped the same day.


The only issue was getting that DD done as the country was going through a very difficult time with the announcement of demonetization. I was backpacking so did not have a cheque book with me and the cash withdrawal limit was much lesser than what I needed. Also, people had been queueing in banks since days, There was no cash in any of the ATMs I went to. And I did go to quite a lot of them from one end of the city to the other. There was no way I could get the required amount.

A friend who works in a bank helped me out otherwise I don’t think I would have been able to enter Chile at all as they don’t give Visa that easy to Indians outside the country of residence.

Eventually, everything turned out well and I had all the Visas I was hoping to get minus Uruguay (I eventually didn’t go to that country).

Do you have any similar Visa hassle experience to share?


36 thoughts on “Chile Visa for Indians

  1. I strongly recommend taking a multiple entry visa if you are visiting Argentina as well. It would be cheaper and convenient to cross border with Chile and Argentina couple of times. Unfortunately, I did not know this and got single entry visa. I approached Chile embassy in Buenos Aires to make it multiple entry. They said its like akin to issueing a new visa and will take 20 days. Further they advised, once I enter Chile, it should be easy to do. Lets see how I am going to make to Patagonia and North Chile smoothly and economically.


        1. Hi Sunny, I was not interviewed by the embassy as I already had every other Visa I needed then from other Latin America countries.
          Most of the embassies are interested in your intent of travel and enough proof that you would return to your home country.


    1. Hi Manisha !

      Would like to know if a transit Visa will be required when my flight goes / comes via London.

      I’d be travelling from India.

      Thanks !


  2. Hey Manisha! Firstly, I’d like to say thanks a TON for all of these posts. It made planning my trip to South America so much easier; you saved me a ton of trouble. 🙂

    So, I’m applying for a tourist visa to Chile and I have a couple of small questions about the filling of the forms and some other small details and the embassy won’t answer my calls :/ So, I was wondering if you would be willing to help me with my queries. Should I just post my questions in the comment section here or would you prefer that I reach out to you on some other mode of communication?

    Thanks a ton! 😀


      1. Hi Manisha

        i am an Indian national residing in Saudi Arabia , we do not have embassy here its in Jordan which covers this region means we have to fly to Amman for the Visa to be stamped they do not have any DHL service etc.
        i have Visas for the most of the countries do i have to upload them .
        they have sent me the online link where i have to fill in the form, will the US visit visa will waive chile visa or not.
        invitation , stay would be hotel information.
        Wife application has to be filled in separately.
        kindly if you can shed some advise on this.



        1. Hi Habeeb,

          Chile Visa is not dependent on US Visa so unfortunately, you would have to apply for Chile Visa. However, I would strongly recommend that you upload your other valid Visas. This may give you an interview waiver at least.
          Yes, any contact needed can be your hotel information. And wife’s form would have to be filled separately.

          Good luck!



  3. Hi Manisha
    i want to apply for Chile Tourist Visa but am getting difficulty in Online application where it is asking me to fill the “Contact in Chile”. I don’t have any Invitation from a person in Chile.Is it mandatory to have an Invitation letter even for a Tourist Visa.Kindly guide me through the process.
    Thank You


    1. Hi Ahmed,

      It’s not mandatory to have invitation letter for tourist Visa. You can give your hostel/accommodation details there.
      I had done the same. If you don’t have a hostel booked. Try to book it for one night at least (it doesn’t matter if you cancel them after getting the Visa).


  4. Hello Manisha , Your blog gave a wonderful knowledge about the the country i want to visit. Thanks for to download the page.
    I need your help to get visa for chile and argentina. If you have some spare time . Please help.
    As i saw on the chile’s counsler’s website, that they need a invitation letter for tourist visa. How we can get invitaion letter and also same i saw on argentina visa site.
    Please suggest me the site to apply online .
    Thanks & Regards
    damanpreet Singh


    1. Hi Damanpreet,
      There was no invitation letter required for Chile tourist Visa when I applied in 2016 and neither for Argentina. For Argentina, there is a cover letter required though which has to be mandatorily in Spanish.


  5. thank you for this Manisha ! I had completed the form yesterday and the application status shows as “for paying” . Which is kind of confusing


  6. Hello Manisha,

    Thanks for all the info you have provided. I was wondering if you could give me some more info about your visa experience.

    1. I am applying from Bangalore. So I have to travel to Delhi to give them my passport and any personal interview. Do you by any chance know how many days can this take? Like I finish the application online and then get an appointment and go to Delhi to give my passport. How many days will I have to be in Delhi to get the passport back and to get the visa stamped?

    2. Do I have to bring any hard copies of supporting documents with me? Like Bank statements, IT return proof etc. Or should I upload all these online?

    I apologize for asking all these but there are very few people in the country who has done this process to ask anything about this. And most of the visa agents in Bangalore doesn’t even know what or where Chile is.

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Arun,

      Apologies for the delay. I have been traveling. Here is the info that I have on your questions
      1. This process is pretty straight forward. Once your online application status has changed to ‘Payable’ you travel to Delhi. At the embassy when your turn comes, they would give you a deposit slip for you to deposit money ($60) into their bank account. So now, you go to the bank, deposit this money. Come back to the embassy with the stamped deposit slip with passport. They would either return the passport the same day or ask you to come the next day. It wouldn’t take more than two days though.

      2. No hard copies are needed. Everything is to be uploaded with the form.

      Good luck with your Visa. Keep me updated in case there is a change in process 🙂


      1. Thanks Manisha. I spoke to you through facebook message and you helped me out a lot. Grateful for that.

        I completed my application and now the status says “Por Pagar” which I assume that I am supposed to make the payment now. Packing my bags to Delhi and fingers crossed.

        Unrelated, but I heard that even if you have a B1/B2 US visa and you Peru accepts that for a 180 days stay, the airport immigration authorities do not even care about that and deny entry. They are just not interested in looking at your English documentation apparently. Have you heard anything about these from any fellow travelers. Would be cool if somebody post their experience.

        Thanks for everything!


        1. Yes, that means it’s ready for payment.
          After the Visa change happened, I know of only one Indian who used it and had no issues entering with US Visa.
          My recommendation would be carry the print from Peru embassy website that talks of this change.
          While you are in Delhi, you could even ask Peru embassy to issue you a letter that says you can enter on US Visa or ask them to sign a letter that says so.
          Although it may not work out but no harm in trying.


  7. On
    It says: For Business Visa
    Original Invitation letter/ Sponsorship in original from Chile, duly signed with name, address, telephone, etc., of the person to be contacted, and letter head , when the invitation letter comes from the company. The document should be duly notarized and legalized by the Ministry of External Affairs of Chile. Invitation through e-mail not accepted.

    if I need to upload all the documents and they dont accept any hard copies then why is invitation letter needed in original.


    1. Hi Vivek,

      I have never applied for a Business Visa with any country so I’m not sure of the requirements. However, some countries do expect a notarised document to be scanned and uploaded (even if they don’t need it a physical copy).


  8. Following is being shown on my application status.

    Type of Application Visa
    Application Status Cerrado

    Description Date Management
    Cerrar por no pago 7/2/2018 2:11:26 AM
    Enviar a Pago 7/2/2018 12:15:47 AM
    Asignar Responsable 7/2/2018 12:10:01 AM

    what do you think it mean ?

    thanks for your help..


    1. It says your application is closed because there was no payment. When the application status was ‘payable’, it was open for payment. You could call and ask if they’ll still accept payment on this application.


  9. I Dr. Vinoth, regarding the Visa process for Chile in the month of June 12 which has been canceled for the invalidity of the passport. I was advised to get a new passport and apply again for and I did. Now, it has been shown on the official website of the chile embassy that my visa process is proved. Though, I am having my passport with me and not attend the interview in Delhi. So I am pleasing you to light me up on this. What should I do further? and when will I be getting my visa interview there…


    1. Visa interview for Chile is not a mandatory step. They at time approve Visa based on past travel history.
      If your status is showing as ‘payable’ then you need to visit the embassy in Chile, deposit money in the bank as instructed by the embassy. Once money is deposited in their account, Visa would be given either the same day or next day.


      1. Hi Manisha,
        I am traveller like you and happy to see that you made it to Chile and Latin america.

        I have been to Peru and Mexico many times and this year i am going to make it to Chile and Argentina as tourist around December 15 to Jan 15. (15 days in chile and 15 in argentina)

        My question to you is , Can I use the “Multiple entry Chile Visa” to enter Argentina ? I am not taking any Argentina visa separately and it looks like you also mentioned that its possible so I wanted to just double confirm , if Chile visa is all you need to enter argentina ?


        1. One more Question , I am a wheelchair user( became paraplegic last year) and wanted to explore the trip to chile on wheelchair with a friend from US.
          Just wondering if you know how chile was in general for WHeelchair users ? Thanks.. 🙂


          1. One of the first things I had noticed in Latin America was just how wheelchair friendly every place was. From buses to sidewalks. Every singly place had a ramp except maybe Bolivia and some parts of Peru.
            Any difficulties there would be rare, you should be good in most parts 🙂
            There’s much to learn and implement in India from that part of the world in this regard.


        2. Hey Jaydeep,

          Thank you!
          I love Mexico and hope I can go back to Peru some day for all the hikes I missed because of my limited Visa.
          That’s the beginning of Summer so best time to visit Argentina and Chile.
          I’m sorry but that’s not possible. I don’t know where have I indicated that. Please let me know what gives you that idea. I’ll correct it.
          Indians need separate Visa for Argentina and Chile to travel there. Chile multiple entry Visa is needed to be able to reenter the country as a lot of places between the two countries require you to pass through the other country. So it’s essential to get both multiple entry Visas.
          You have time so I’d recommend you apply for Argentina Visa immediately after Sep 15th. As they wouldn’t accept the applications before 90 days of travel time.
          Good luck on your trip.


  10. Hi Manisha,
    The application status (I applied three days ago) says Por Pagar which means ‘payable’ but I haven’t received any date for an interview, nor they return my calls or reply back to my emails. So do I directly drop by their embassy?
    Thanks a lot,
    Great blog by the way!!


    1. Hey,

      Yes, do visit the embassy directly. Interview is not a mandatory step for Chile Visa. My interview was cancelled as well after I posted pictures of other Visas.
      You should get your Visa the same day or next day of making the payment.
      Thank you for acknowledging the work 🙂


  11. Hello, my gf lives in chile and i want to go meet her. I am sorry i am a complete amateur and I have several doubts –
    Do i need to go for interview even for travel visa ?
    how many days can I stay there on travel visa ?
    What are the odds or reasons for which my visa might get rejected ?
    Do I need to file ITR ?
    How much balance do I need in my account besides ticket costs ( for them to approve visa )?
    What do i need to do if I want to marry my gf and settle there ?
    thank you. I am very nervous about my travel as I am a complete noob and I haven’t travelled anywhere before.


    1. Interview for Chile Visa is not mandatory. It depends entirely on the embassy.
      Usual stay given is 60 days, I’m not sure how does the extension work.
      There are multiple reasons for Visa rejection like insufficient funds, potential immigrant threat, etc.
      I didn’t file ITR back then but it is mandatory if you have been working for over a year.
      Balance depends on the requested duration and style of travel. I had showed about 1.5 lakhs.
      I have no idea about settling down in Chile, it would be best if your partner checks this in her home country.


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