What is Passport Privilege? The struggles of Indian Passport holders

Many country flags in Salar de Uyuni

Don’t we already have enough categories of privileges to debate? Why the need for a new one? Well, to start with as a travel-loving person, access to places is where I begin, right? How do I travel if the system is built to almost discourage me from stepping outside my country? Passport privilege is the … Read more

How traveling shaped my Life

Girl overlooking sunset from a promenade

How traveling changed my life and shaped me into the woman that I am I took my first international trip two months from turning 28. I chose to spend a week in SriLanka and while it was an absolute blast of an adventure, It had no permanent impact on me. How could it? When you’re … Read more

How to meet Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama wall painting with recycling message

How to meet Dalai Lama I was in Rishikesh when the annual Mooji wave hit everyone in Rishikesh. If like me (from a year ago) you don’t know who’s Mooji, then let me add, he is a Jamaican spiritual teacher based out of Portugal. He visits Rishikesh for a month every year. With him comes … Read more