Art & Craft

The love for art has been my only constant in life. People, friends, careers, other passions were all temporary. But art has been my loyal companion.

I have used art to fund my travels on multiple occasions and continue to seek commissioned work because it’s something I thoroughly enjoy and brings such distinct and unique joy to the client.

Please feel free to write to me for a quotation/order any of the following works.

Wall Art:

I have undertaken the following commissioned works in the past for wall art:

  • Backpackers hostel in Bogota, Colombia (Made 6 pieces)
  • Hotel in Bogota, Colombia (Made 3 pieces)
  • A french lady’s living room wall in Brazil
  • Backpackers hostel in Kodaikanal, India (Made 8 pieces)
  • A cafe/restaurant in Mcleodganj, India (Made 2 pieces)

Pricing depends on the number of hours a piece takes, the medium used (painting with marker is less time consuming), complexity of a design.


Travel Journal:

If you have been collecting tickets, currency, boarding passes, and other similar memorabilia form your travels and would want to put it to good use through a travel journal, Please feel free to reach out to me.


If you have a pattern for a couch throw, blanket, coasters, or anything else, please reach out for a quotation.

P.S: I don’t make crochet clothes.


These can be used as keychains or a bunch of them hanging off a wood looks brilliant as well. Adding that additional pop of color in any house.


My email id for queries –