I don’t know exactly when did I start traveling by myself, do the trips to beach by myself after classes count? or the day trips from college in Orissa? What I do remember is my first international trip. It was November 2015 and I chose to spend Diwali vacation not at home but instead in Sri Lanka, by myself.

There was no looking back after that.

In 2016, I quit my corporate job and went to South America for one full year to not work or look for work, but just to find my happiness again through my travels. I continued traveling in India for another two years, looking for freelancing work in anything and everything.

Some of the services I provide now:

Visa consulting:

I traveled to South America on an Indian passport with the only travel history to Sri Lanka which is hassle-free for Indians. My passport was as good or as bad as a new one. But on that passport, without a job, without ever lying in the embassies, I managed to get the following Visas:

  • US Visa (in 2017 in Ecuador and in Bogota, Colombia)
  • Brazil Visa (applied in 2016 at Mumbai and in 2017 in Bogota, Colombia)
  • Argentina Visa (applied in 2016 at Mumbai)
  • Chile Visa (applied in 2016 at New Delhi)
  • Bolivia Visa (applied in 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Peru Visa (applied in 2016 at New Delhi)
  • Colombia Visa (applied in 2017 at Lima, Peru)

In the last three years, I have helped/guided many people in realizing their dream of traveling to South America. Most were grateful but some have also abused my phone number to incessantly call and therefore I don’t share my phone number with anyone unless it’s for a paid consulting session for a limited time.

Travel Writing

The thrill of getting published is quite something for a blogger. The audience is different and so is the medium.

I have been published in:

  • Orissa Post
  • Mid Day

I’m also an author with the following travel firm:

Travel Talks/Product Promotion:

I have collaborated with the following brands in the past and we worked on various mediums to promote the product(s) on offer:

  • Niyo international Travelcard
  • Zivame

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One of my biggest struggles while traveling is finding a fitness regime. Three years ago when I had a full time job, I used to run every morning (okay, almost every morning). Now I rely mostly on walking. I do tend to walk to any place less than 5 km but nothing like a peaceful space to practice yoga and meditation. . Being in Mumbai is allowing me the luxury of some structure around my day so I include yoga whenever I can. My yoga mostly revolves around finding space on the yoga mat along with my nephew but on this day, he decided to help me by keeping the dogs at bay. . I'm taking this #ZYogaChallenge as @officialzivame challenged me to take this. So here it goes! And I would like to challenge @sum_pat @vandanahebbar @rashmikhathuria @justrashi @goldfis @magpie1228 @nikitabodhe @prabhjyotrana to take this challenge. Guys, post your pictures and don't forget to tag me in your posts! . Remember, Zivame women is a working women, an athlete, an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife, a couch potato, or all of them together 🙂

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Itinerary Curation

I’m into slow travel and constantly on a budget. I can curate trips for you to experience the local culture and find the hidden basis your taste.

My email id for queries – thesolespeaks@gmail.com