Travel and Wealth Creation

Girl with laptop

Let’s get this out of the way, no one will pay you to travel the world (unless, of course, you come from wealth). So, there are primarily three ways you can travel – Travel on your savings Travel while working (remotely or taking up gigs) Create travel content that makes you money I have done … Read more

The stillness of Travel

As I sit at the foot of closed doors to a cafe, facing the national Highway, I’m reminded of the ‘ordinaryness’ of travel. It’s these moments stitched together that then form greater stories but often these moments get missed out. I appreciate the quietness of these moments – waiting for the bus, having tea by … Read more

Accommodation Guide for Auroville

This last month, I have spoken to at least half a dozen people, helping them navigate their way in Auroville. On my last such call, I recollected how vague Auroville felt on my first visit. This post is to help you fit at least one of the puzzle pieces – the Stay in Auroville. Can … Read more

Travel Induced Drift

Note: This is random rambling, there’s no structure to my thoughts because I’m trying to understand my mind as I write as well. I am just about getting back to life in Auroville after a week-long trip to Bangalore. A trip that was planned with the sole intention to catch up with friends, friends I … Read more