Meditation Retreat at Wat Pa Tam Wua Forest Monastery in Thailand

Since my first meditation retreat in early 2021, I have been to multiple monasteries/meditation centers to practice silent meditation retreats and I find great value in each of them. So, they have come to become a bit of a recurring theme in my blogs too.  Thailand being a Buddhist country, I was keen on going … Read more

Thailand Visa on Arrival for Indians – 9 Things to Note

Indian bitten by the travel bug would understand the woes of our Navy Blue Passport. We can’t travel on a whim to international locations, definitely not without spending significant time in front of a screen reading up on Visa norms. Thailand is one of the few countries at the intersection of ‘Countries we can directly … Read more

Who is an Asshole – Dilemma

an empty meditation hall with two rows of mats on each side

The other day, I was invited by a friend for a ‘Drink and Dine’ evening with their friends, only I wasn’t drinking and I had already had dinner so in summary not a great idea. One of the things that stayed with me from that evening was a discussion called ‘Who’s the Asshole here’. All … Read more

Travel and Wealth Creation

Girl with laptop

Let’s get this out of the way, no one will pay you to travel the world (unless, of course, you come from wealth). So, there are primarily three ways you can travel – Travel on your savings Travel while working (remotely or taking up gigs) Create travel content that makes you money I have done … Read more