BRAZIL VISA for Indians (From India and Colombia)

Brazil visa with a woman's image on the left hand side

Brazil Visa was the first Visa that I was trying to get for my year-long South America trip. I was anxious. I had all the documents ready. My only concern was my employment status which was going to be ‘unemployed’ while traveling as I was going to quit my job soon. Also, I had no … Read more

10 of My Worst Travel Experiences

A woman Writing in a diary by Ganga River

Living through a pandemic as a single woman with strained familial relationships has demanded a lot of strength. The last few days, I have been reminding myself of all the terrible times I have had to face by myself in the past. These experiences, though horrid, did make me a stronger being and in times … Read more

8 Places to Experience the Backwaters of Kerala

A red Canoe front on backwaters of Kerala with coconut trees in distance

The network of tranquil canals connecting the inland lakes is an experience unique to Kerala. The backwaters of Kerala are the lakes formed by rivers and streams, these lakes then merge into the Arabian sea. Some of these lakes are man made by farmers to store the fresh water that can be used for drinking … Read more

Kodaikanal – Places to Stay

Kodaikanal is the most popular tourist attraction in the Indian southern state of Tamil Nadu. Its increasing popularity has been too fast-paced for the hospitality industry to keep up with and this is reflected in the shortage of stays during the peak tourist season time – May – June. Kodaikanal has a variety of places … Read more