My Travels

For a full-time traveler, I haven’t been to many countries and that’s not something I chase either – country count. For me, it’s important I get to spend as much time as I want at a place (that Visa restrictions allow for). As something who’s always on the road or has been on the road chasing waterfalls, sunrises, and sunsets for a long time, I don’t crave to do that every day. What I do crave is to find my place of peace, that often involves a river and sunset and no people in sight, and sit there with a book or cup of tea for as long as I like.

I don’t always write about countries or places I have visited but below are the countries I have, in case you have any specific question regarding these, you culd write to me at

Countries highlighted on world map in blue color - India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand.
Countries I have travelled in



Latin America


Sri Lanka