It’s no secret that Indians are not blessed with a great passport in the travel world. A lot of the Visa on Arrival countries on Indian Passport are either too expensive to reach from India and/or too complicated to reach like some island countries (which translates into additional cost again).

However, with a little bit of guidance and process knowledge it does not seem like as much of a herculean task to get Visas. Here I share my experience with getting various Visas.

I got these Visas solely on my documents without the help of any third party. I never once asked anyone to transfer money into my account for better bank statements and I never lied to any of the embassies.

The point of saying this is, If this 20 something girl who was about to quit her job and barely had $3k in her account at any given time could get the Visas then it may not be as difficult as it seems. It sure was overwhelming and at times the Visa granted were disappointing (Hey there but then I planned my travel accordingly. Not everything can be as we wish, can it?

My Visa Experiences:

Argentina Visa

Bolivia Visa

Brazil Visa

Chile Visa

Colombia Visa

Ecuador Visa

Peru Visa

Sri Lanka Visa (In Process)

US Visa