Gap Year

In October 2016, I quit my job as a management consultant, sold all big things, packed a 35 lt backpack, and stored everything else in cartons under a friend’s bed.

What began as a break in my career to reflect upon life and emotions, turned into an adventure-filled gap year in Latin America.

back then I knew no one else who had quit their job in India and the logistics of packing your life in India to travel abroad full-time with no return date. It’s no easy task with limited money and a virgin Indian passport.

Here are a few things that could help anyone who intends to head on a similar journey with or without travel in mind.

A quiet evening in Cancun

How traveling shaped my Life

Back to corporate after a three-year hiatus

All the ways I made money while Traveling

Why I quit my job and took a break in Life

A place called ‘Home’