“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” 

-Anaïs Nin

In 2016, I quit my corporate job and left to travel as far away as possible from my home country, India. I found myself in Brazil from where I began my year-long adventures in South America. In the last six years that I have been constantly packing and unpacking, I have learned as much about myself as I have about the world.

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Recommended Gear

I have spent years on the road travelling full-time with hundreds of hours of research of various travel gear behind it. I have tested multiple products, used them vigorously, and come up with this recommendation list that I can vouch for completely.

Budget Travel Tips

Spending money on the right things takes discipline but once mastered, budget travel becomes a way of life. Here are all my tried and tested tips of traveling on the road by myself for cheap.

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Minimalist Packing List

Packing light is an art mastered over time. Becoming a minimalist follows for most long-term travelers.

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