I usually say this to anyone seeking information on India travel that India is not a country, it’s a continent in itself.

One can travel here their entire life yet be left with places to explore.

Here is a list of my documented journeys in India and some general safety information for women travellers.

Is India Safe for Women travelers?

Himachal Pradesh

How to meet Dalai Lama


Exploring Hampi on a bicycle in March heat

The ‘Happy’ side of Hampi

Looking for the mystic waterfall in Hampi



Elephanta Caves [Mumbai]

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2016 [Mumbai]


Golden Temple Amritsar |Stay |Volunteer | Food


Chittorgarh Fort: Rani Padmavati’s legacy

Tamil Nadu

Kodaikanal – A quick guide

Faces of Kodaikanal