Why I quit my job to Travel


It’s very simple, I was not happy with my life.

Now that I’ve come this far from my life back then, I can see it even more clearly just how sad I was. There were days when I would wake up with the thought ‘I hope this is the last day of my life’. The thoughts were getting stronger but fortunately, the saner me reasoned with the weaker me that wouldn’t doing just about anything on the planet be better than that. So, I decided to do something that I always dreaded, quitting my job.

The idea was not to quit my job to travel full time. I just wanted a break from everything I was holding on to. Traveling to me seems like the best way to utilize a career break so I started working in that direction.

I started saving aggressively to fund my travel. My plans kept changing as I got deeper into researching about it. Starting with a Round the World trip to ending up with a plan to travel South America it was a long journey but worth every minute I spent reading, running around embassies, and sleep I gave up on.

With this post, I’m not encouraging anyone to at some point say, ‘I quit my job’. It may not be the best way to deal with life and traveling certainly is not the solution to all your problems in life. Only you know what works for you, how happy or sad are you in life. Absolutely Nobody, no friend, no family, no boyfriend/ girlfriend, no stranger, no therapist will get it the way you do. You’re the best person to prescribe your medicine.

My medicine is working miracles for me 🙂

18 thoughts on “Why I quit my job to Travel”

  1. Didn’t know you were going through such tough times.. Good that you made your way and your saner and mature self won.. True nothing but you yourself can only help yourself..

    I was also on similar terms and many people go through such phases.. One day a thought came that I am in so much love why this universe is not conspiring to bring us together.. She(or other things whatever) is the one and the most precious thing to me.. How can she be not mine.. Without her I am nothing and my life would not be happier.. It’s better to die..
    I thought – who was there with me all the time, always, without judging without leaving me knowing everything good and bad about me and through all my negatives.. Who didn’t complained a word.. Through my silence and laughs Who was it..
    It was me and my body.. And no one’s else came close to that position…
    So I thought one who was so everything.. I am thinking to kill for someone or something that can only come second.. That sounded not fair to me..
    Love urself and Ur soul carrier.. One day u ll leave it but till that day it will be happily carrying you through all burdens and happiness..
    Love urself.. And live urself..

  2. I was looking into your blog and can safely tell you for whatsoever bad and ugly time of life drove you to road is actually a blessings in disguise. Very few can be lucky as you..you never could learn swim unless pushed to water. May not be best way but one of the most effective way. Keep travelling and never stop..once when you rewind back you would feel in hindsight those were best possible things that could happen to you.

    Keep travelling and keep inspiring!!

  3. Hello 🙂 thank you for sharing and also for your honesty. Very inspiring article 👌🏻 Sometimes in life we need to decide what is better for us. I always say: if you don’t like something, Change something, you are not a tree 🙂 So, well done.

  4. We are currently saving up for an around the world trip and plan to quit our jobs in 2019. It is quite overwhelming to plan as we are thinking of hitting 5 continents. Your simplistic approach may be just as rewarding as we do not just want to collect places, we want to experience each place more in depth. While I don’t think the trip will somehow solve all of our problems, I do believe it will broaden our horizons and help us find what our true purpose is in life so we can better move forward. We are looking forward to the journey, more than the destination.

    • I can imagine. I had similar plans to begin with but dropped it as soon as I got to numbers.
      Travel definitely helps us see things more clearly in its own way. I cannot stress enough about the power of traveling to experience things over ticking the checklist.
      I did begin my journey because I was seeking happiness but I have returned with peace and I can tell its going to last a long time unlike happiness that is attached to so many other factors in life you may not even have control over.
      I wish you all the very best on your journey and would love to read more as you hit the road.


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