Beauty and Minimalism – Is there a common ground?

Beauty in the general sense of the word which often entails a woman putting on makeup and dressing a certain way, was intimidating to me for as long as I can remember. I grew up with a strong association as ‘the ugly duckling’ of the family. Not only was I not great at studies and/or … Read more

Indian Women Changemakers I admire

Silhouette of a girl sitting facing the ocean

Here I’m listing some of the women I deeply admire for either their work in directly elevating the lives of women, or silently being the change-makers by swimming against the current.

House-Sitting in Auroville

In the winter of 2019 in India, I had met a woman whose profession was (is) that of a House sitter. I knew of the term and had in fact, tried to register as one as one but expectedly it’s a closely knit community and it takes time to build reputation as a House Sitter. … Read more