Ecuador Visa for Indians

Ecuador is the only country in South America that is truly Visa free for Indian citizens. No strings attached. One of the few desirable and reachable Visa-free countries for Indians.

I was still paranoid and suspected that people at the border may not be aware of this so I went to Ecuador embassy in Lima, Peru, just to get a confirmation.

I went a little far and requested them this information on a piece of paper with their stamp or something. Basically, anything that came from them that I could show at the border in case of any issues.

The lady was very polite and reassured me that none of it is required and I would be let in without any hassles. In short, she declined my (I’m sure to her ‘absurd’) request.

Ecuador border was really a friendly one.

I crossed the border from Mancora to Guayaquil in a bus.

Peru and Ecuador officials share the same building and there was a massive queue of people. Also, we had to wait about an hour more because there was no power to process requests.

As I was told at the Ecuadorian embassy in Lima, I was given 90 days on arrival, no questions asked.

Flags from South America

Visa requirements:

No documents were asked for either. However, I learned from another friend that not everybody gets 90 days so be prepared in case you are asked any questions around your trip. Documents like proof of onward travel and first night stay reservation or just address always help.

These 90 days basically stay validity. 90 days is all I can get in a year. I went to Colombia after spending about a month in Ecuador for about 2 weeks. Upon return, I was left with 1.5 months of validity. 

Ecuador is visa free for all countries except 12 and some of our neighbors are on the list as well like Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh. I’m so glad that for once India is not on the ‘Visa essential’ list.

Does this help you understand what Passport privilege means?

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