How to see the Mysterious Nazca lines without getting on a plane?

  • Cost: 2 soles for each tower (I went to two towers, they are a bus apart)
  • Cost of the charter plane: The best offer I got was USD 60 (It was when I was at the airport and they had a seat available which was going to go empty anyway)
  • How to reach: Bus from Cusco to Nazca then take another bus for Torre Lineas de Nazca

Nazca lines or Lineas de Nazca in Spanish, are the mysterious grand figures that were drawn on the ground by Nazca people. Considering the magnanimity of these figures, it only makes sense to see them from up top. Now, there are two ways to do this:

  • Get on a charter plane – More figures, more money, can get sick
  • Go to the viewing towers – lesser figures but clear views, way cheaper, less probability of getting sick from walking a few flights of stair

As you can guess the former is way more expensive than the latter option. I have heard very mixed reviews from people who did go on a charter plane. Some people loved the entire experience and some were sick, couldn’t see any figures clearly, and some other not so nice things.

Considering how rich I am, my choice was pretty clear – The Watchtowers.


My Experience:

I only took a brief stop here to see the Nazca lines. I reached Nazca and people thronged me with offers. I asked someone who spoke English where can I get a collective to the Nazca tower. He told me he’s taking some people and I could join in. The offer seemed legit so I joined him. He took me to his guest house but started explaining everything about the flight to see Nazca lines. He made a good offer but ‘cheap’ is a very subjective term. His cheapest offer was also too much for me. He gave me some time to think over it. I freshened up in the guest house, went for lunch when I came back, he was taking two people to see the airport. He asked me to join in and think on the way. At the airport, he made me the last offer, I declined again and so we went back.

I had to go to the tower by myself as his other customers had chosen to go for the plane.

I took a bus to the first tower, saw the lines at ease then went to the next tower. It was a really boiling hot that day. I was rapidly losing interest in everything.



Images from the second tower

I came back, went on an eating spree then took a night bus to Lima, very content with my decision.

That’s a very happy me with my decision


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