Travel Guide to Auroville – A Unique living Experience in India

What is Auroville? Auroville, also known as the city of dawn, is an international community in the southern part of India, Tamil Nadu. Auroville is the brainchild of The Mother – Mirra Alfassa, spiritual partner of Sri Aurobindo. ‘Auro’ in Auroville come from his name.  Auroville is likely the most diverse community in the world. … Read more

Kodaikanal – Places to Stay

Kodaikanal is the most popular tourist attraction in the Indian southern state of Tamil Nadu. Its increasing popularity has been too fast-paced for the hospitality industry to keep up with and this is reflected in the shortage of stays during the peak tourist season time – May – June. Kodaikanal has a variety of places … Read more

15 Unique Islands from Around the World

Islands have caught the fancy of humans for ages and continue to do so for many reasons including but not limited to their unique culture and biodiversity often different from even the nearest countries. A very popular example is that of Charles Darwin reaching Galapagos island and documenting his observations on the beginning of life. … Read more

The Indigenous Tribes of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Of the many indigenous tribes that had found a home in the thriving forests of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, six remain. While most of them have responded positively to the government efforts, Sentinelese still remains hostile, shooting arrows at anyone who comes near their Island.