Elephanta Caves Mumbai: Is It Worth Going?

Elephanta Caves Mumbai

Elephanta caves Mumbai is a UNESCO approved World heritage site about an hour away from mainland Mumbai.

I had been meaning to visit Elephanta caves for some time but like most people, I fell into the trap of giving precedence to any place outside my place of stay (I used to live in Mumbai back then) like Hampi and Gokarna.

On a weekend when I didn’t feel like spending too much money yet wanted to go outside, I decided to make a trip to Elephanta caves. I was looking forward to my peacetime during the one-hour ferry ride. I assumed that it was not going to leave me exhausted at the end of the day as it was not all that far.

Elephanta Caves Ferry Information:

  • Total Cost: Less than Rs. 300 (excluding food)
  • How to Reach: There are many ferries leaving from Gateway of India. Round ticket costs Rs. 180 and can be used till 1730 hrs of that same day.

The first boat leaves at 9 in the morning for Elephanta island and first boat return from Islands at midday.


  • Open on all days except Mondays.
  • Elephanta caves entrance fee:
    • For Indians: Rs. 10
    • For Foreigners: Rs. 250

Updated ticket details here.

Upon reaching the Elephanta island, it’s a walk of about a kilometer and then a couple of stairs to finally reach the top where the caves are built. In between, there are probably a gazillion places to get tickets, some for the island, some for caves. I didn’t have time to question what was I paying for.

Leaving the jetty at the gateway of India
Asked a random person to click

There was a small fee to sit on the upper deck.

Seagulls made the journey even more beautiful



Meet the stubborn cow
The walk was less than a kilometer. This toy train did not make much sense to me.

There’s a toy train on the island to reach closer to the caves, in case one does not or cannot walk to the caves.

This used to be my favorite dress – khaki shorts, collared tee.


The entire walk is lined with shops, from eatables to souvenirs but nothing unique to the place as such apart from the fridge magnets.



The place is a series of caves. Some, okay to venture into, some looked a little spooky from outside where I didn’t feel like going inside.


Something stopped me from venturing inside apart from the fact that I was really running short of time


That’s the walk that we take to reach the base and then there are many steps to reach caves
Almost there

It didn’t get as dark, this was one of the camera modes to focus on the sun which makes it look so dark.

Indian Navy practicing band performance to be performed for the Prime Minister the next day

The trip ended earlier than I had expected. The return ferry ticket that you buy at the jetty only works till 1730 hrs. That left me with little time on the Elephanta island.

Final Verdict on Elephant caves Mumbai:

I would say, go to Elephanta caves if you live in Mumbai or have time to travel in Mumbai but if you’re traveling around with limited time then it can definitely be skipped.

Elephanta caves felt more like lovers make out point in Mumbai than a heritage site. Although the ideal time to visit is between November to January but don’t let those rosy pictures misguide you.

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