The stillness of Travel

As I sit at the foot of closed doors to a cafe, facing the national Highway, I’m reminded of the ‘ordinaryness’ of travel. It’s these moments stitched together that then form greater stories but often these moments get missed out. I appreciate the quietness of these moments – waiting for the bus, having tea by … Read more

Accommodation Guide for Auroville

This last month, I have spoken to at least half a dozen people, helping them navigate their way in Auroville. On my last such call, I recollected how vague Auroville felt on my first visit. This post is to help you fit at least one of the puzzle pieces – the Stay in Auroville. Can … Read more

Travel Induced Drift

Note: This is random rambling, there’s no structure to my thoughts because I’m trying to understand my mind as I write as well. I am just about getting back to life in Auroville after a week-long trip to Bangalore. A trip that was planned with the sole intention to catch up with friends, friends I … Read more

Travel Decision Fatigue as a Solo Traveler

A few months ago, I came across the statistic that an average person makes about 40000 decisions in a day. That’s a lot, right? Probably makes you question the credibility of that number and every time I have shared that number, people have been skeptical. In response to that, I usually break down our time … Read more