Looking for a mystic waterfall in Argentina [Hitchhiking]

On a sunny day in Brazil, I left to embark on an 18-hour bus journey. But not without a little adventure.

It was scorching hot and I couldn’t see a bus in sight that could take me to the bus terminal on Argentina side from the frontier. Walking 5 km seemed like a task. So I went for the easiest way out – Stuck my thumb out. A couple of vehicles passed by and nobody stopped. Just when I turned around to find shade, a guy tapped my back and offered a ride (Now with a little more hitchhiking experience I can tell, that’s very rare). There were 2 other guys inside and they were all savoring the ‘magic plant’. All three spoke English and were for natural reasons pretty happy.

While talking they told me about this ‘Magical waterfalls’ they are looking for. They were relying on the instructions from one guy who had been there a few years ago. Can you picture this – ‘Three stoned guys, looking for a nameless waterfall, and no directions’. As crazy as it sounded to me, It also seemed very tempting. I decided to skip taking the bus which was leaving in an hour and instead take an evening bus. And just like that, I tagged along with them.

Sitting in the backseat I did ask myself a couple of times ‘What am I doing?’. I imagined myself being robbed and killed but eventually, it just turned out to be a really good experience.

Petrified of heights
At the first falls

We found the falls, went swimming, hiking, did some barbecue, and headed back.

Carefully treading my way back
Setting up the barbecue
Some stream crossings, and little jungle hiking later you reach here
Heading back
Managed to get my bus in time

4 thoughts on “Looking for a mystic waterfall in Argentina [Hitchhiking]”

  1. These pictures and this post reminded me of my trip to Talofofo falls in Guam….. Where I hitchhiked with a guy who turned out to be a close friend of the guy selling entry tickets….I got a big discount on entry fee…He also dropped me at the nearest bus station on my way back….All the strangers on the road aren’t bad though they seem to be….It’s not wrong to exercise caution as a solo girl traveler…But, dont be skeptical of engaging with strangers especially with fellow travelers…You need to conquer your fear and mingle with wanderers…..Some of them out there are the best pals you would ever come across….


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