13 Small Changes I made for a more Peaceful Life

It was in 2016, that I first quit my Corporate job. After a prolonged phase of Depression, all I wanted was to be genuinely happy again, to be able to smile, and find bring the excitement in life back. I did find all of those things but it was many months later, along my travels … Read more

10 of My Worst Travel Experiences

Living through a pandemic as a single woman with strained familial relationships has demanded a lot of strength. The last few days, I have been reminding myself of all the terrible times I have had to face by myself in the past. These experiences, though horrid, did make me a stronger being and in times … Read more

How much does it cost to travel for a year?

This is a question I get the most from people. I was equally curious before starting my travel for a year. Although there is no definite answer to it, this post hopefully would help you come to a close estimate at least for the continent I went to travel for a year. Countries where I … Read more