Chettinad Guide – Palatial Bungalows, Traditional Looms, and a Rich History

Chettinad region comprises of 72 villages (divided into clusters) in the Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu. Chettinad region is where Chettiar community resided predominantly. Chettiar community itself is one of the oldest trading communities of Tamil Nadu. The homes are known for their grandeur and adoption of elements from around the world.

Buddhist Meditation Center in Sri Lanka – Nilambe

My love for Meditation comes from my experiences with Zen meditation in India that I get to practice at Bodhi Zendo. And it is through a fellow meditator I met at Bodhi Zendo that I got to know of Nilambe and I’m so incredibly grateful to her for that. Nilambe Buddhist meditation center is a … Read more

A boat ride from hell – Delft Island (Nedunthivu) to Jaffna

I woke up to the thundering rain, my only worry – would the boat operate in this weather? But it had been raining the previous day as well and everything ran on schedule. So, I woke up when I had to, packed my bag which I hadn’t prepared for an overnight stay, and left when … Read more

Auroville things that I wish get replicated in all communities

After nearly five months of living in Auroville, I still couldn’t find a good reason to leave. I went from living near the Matrimandir to living by the beach, but I could not bring myself to leave until I had to (owing to a medical emergency). But I often wondered, what was it about Auroville … Read more

Travel Guide to Auroville – A Unique living Experience in India

What is Auroville? Auroville, also known as the city of dawn, is an international community in the southern part of India, Tamil Nadu. Auroville is the brainchild of The Mother – Mirra Alfassa, spiritual partner of Sri Aurobindo. ‘Auro’ in Auroville come from his name.  Auroville is likely the most diverse community in the world. … Read more